I love birthday sessions! It doesn’t matter what age, I think it’s important to document when you turn another year older. (Except, ahem, after your 29th birthday. Kidding!)

Kennedy is such a sweetheart! She was happy to show me exactly how a Supergirl flies, saves lives, and listens for calls for help. She also knew exactly how to dress up, comb her hair, put on perfume, and head to the princess ball. Even if our pretend ball was outside in 35 degree weather, with an even colder wind chill! When you’re a February baby, you can handle anything.

Here are some of my favorites from the session. I hope you enjoy them!

Cleveland Child Photographer_0465.jpg
Cleveland Child Photographer_0467.jpg
Cleveland Child Photographer_0466.jpg
Cleveland Child Photographer_0468.jpg
Cleveland Child Photographer_0469.jpg
Cleveland Child Photographer_0470.jpg
Cleveland Child Photographer_0471.jpg

Has it really been a month since I blogged? Wow! It’s crazy to me that we are more than halfway through February. Don’t get me wrong, those that know me know I love spring and summer, so bring on the warmth! But in the meantime, I am happy to share this newborn session with you.

This little man was only 5 days old, and hadn’t even passed his original due date, when I met him and his parents. He was such a sweet boy and just loved to sleep and smile. He gave me so many smiles! Of course, I can’t share them all with you here because I want Mom and Dad to be able to share some too.

Amanda and Jim, I hope you love your photos.

Cleveland Newborn Photography_0448.jpg
Cleveland Newborn Photography_0452.jpg
Cleveland Newborn Photography_0451.jpg
Cleveland Newborn Photography_0458.jpg
I love capturing all the details with new babies. Their little hands and feet, their little facial features, and their little belly!


Cleveland Newborn Photography_0453.jpg
Cleveland Newborn Photography_0460.jpg
Cleveland Newborn Photography_0459.jpg
Cleveland Newborn Photography_0457.jpg
Cleveland Newborn Photography_0449.jpg
Cleveland Newborn Photography_0456.jpg

I have been so privileged to document this family’s life for the past year and a half. This is my 5th session with them, and each one is so unique and real. Their love for each other is palpable. I really cannot believe Zeke is two!

I could have posted every single image from this session, but I chose to highlight just a few. This is also one of those sessions where I preferred the black and white images over color.

Katie and Kevin, thank you for continuing to trust me with your family memories.


Cleveland Child Photography_0440.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0441.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0439.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0442.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0443.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0444.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0445.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0446.jpg

The first year of a child’s life is often captured every few months. But what about after they turn one? I love that this momma wants to get photos of her kids every year for their birthday. After all, every birthday is a milestone! The smile on your oldest daughter may be different because more adult teeth have come in. Your son’s favorite sport might be baseball now, but who knows if that will remain the following year? What if it does, and you’ve now got that picture of him back when he was in fisrt grade. Your 4, almost 5, year old, might have the best little smile that could light up the world. And your baby, well, he never used to smile for photos, but now he is a little ham!

Here are a few of my favorites from this awesome birthday session.


Cleveland Child Photography_0424.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0427.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0425.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0426.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0428.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0423.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0429.jpg
Cleveland Child Photography_0430.jpg